Settling Your Kitten Into Your Home

If possible, it’s sensible to have your new kitten when you can be at home for a few days as Burmese like human company and will settle more easily.

When you get home take the kitten into a quiet room or corner where you have put down its bed, litter tray, food and water and let it explore when it is ready to do so. If it is a little nervous it can retreat to its corner until confident enough to visit the whole house. If you have other cats or dogs, it can be a better idea to put the kitten in a pen so that it can get used to them whilst feeling completely safe. This may take a few days.

Children can be quite daunting to a kitten in a new home, especially if the kitten hasn’t had much exposure to them. Again, it can be very important for the kitten to have its own secure home to retreat to if, for example, a child screams in delight at the new addition to the family. It usually only takes about two weeks for a child and a kitten to get used to each other provided that the kitten is treated gently and not chased. After that they will be life long friends.

Most kittens, especially Burmese, are very resilient and quickly adapt to the strange noises and situations in their new home. Before long they will be ruling the roost.