Around the World

Not many years after the first Burmese were imported from America, they started being exported all round the world. It was from Britain, not America, that most countries obtained their first Burmese cats. For this reason most countries based their Standard of Points upon the British one rather than that of America.

Between 1957 and 1958 three males and two females were sent to New Zealand, three males and two females were sent to Australia, then two males and four females were sent to South Africa including Zaing Ngo Min. Also in 1957 two cats to to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and a further pair to Canada. By 1970 Australia and New Zealand were importing the newer colours, red and creams, chocolates and lilacs.

From 1957 onwards many cats were exported to Europe. A male and female went to Sweden and a further female to Norway. The 1960s saw further cats arriving in Norway and Denmark, including the newer colours. In 1963 two males and a female went to France, and in 1964 the first cats arrived in The Netherlands. Two females went to Germany in 1969.

During the 1970s onwards cats of all colours continued to be exported around the world, though virtually none were imported in return.