Burmese cats are the extroverts of the cat world. Their outgoing personality, their exuberance, their trusting friendliness, and loyalty and, perhaps above all, their simple and obvious enjoyment of human company make them the best of companions. A well bred Burmese is strong and healthy with a long natural life span and can live for 19 or 20 years. They are playful, often learning how to retrieve, and they have an enterprising curiosity which can sometimes lead to trouble if your fridge door is not properly closed or a visitor leaves a car window open .

Burmese thrive on attention and take a keen interest in what is going on; they love being stroked, their gleaming and soft fur being a constant pleasure to touch. Most Burmese seem to have a special skill in training their owners and let them know, sometimes in no uncertain terms, what their wishes are. Because they are such sociable cats they like to be entertained and can become endearingly attached to favourite toys, carrying them around to persuade you to join in their play. They quickly become the boss of the household making particular friends with children if they are gently treated. And when the games are over they relax on your lap purring and stretching out a paw to make sure you are still there.