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Burmese Cat Association

A Website For Burmese Cat Lovers

The Burmese Cat Association welcomes all lovers of Burmese cats and offers a friendly environment where members can share their interests and increase and develop their understanding and knowledge of the special nature of Burmese cats.

What is the Burmese Cat Association?

The Burmese Cat Association was established in 2011 to preserve and maintain the true and traditional character, personality and appearance of Burmese cats.

All lovers of Burmese are welcome in our friendly and accessible club where they can share their interests and increase and develop their understanding of the special nature of Burmese.

The Association encourages an informal atmosphere in which all members can join in social and informative events. These occasions are held in different venues to satisfy travelling needs. Regular contact with members is maintained, usually by email, through our website and Facebook.

Most importantly, practical assistance, guidance and advice based on the many years of experience held within the Association are provided willingly to all members wherever necessary. Our website has a regularly updated Rehoming List, Kitten List, Breeders List and Stud Cat List and we also have a rehoming service.

The Club is run on behalf of its members by a Committee including three Officers, all of whom are elected by members. They meet several times a year to propose policies for approval of members, to plan activities and to discuss ongoing welfare work. All members of the Association are eligible for election to the Committee.

Our Values

We believe that all of our members should have a say in how the Association develops.

We are particularly keen to encourage novice breeders, as they are the future, and may need help in getting started rather than being discouraged by people telling them not to breed or placing restrictions on them.

We want healthy kittens in good, caring homes with ongoing advice available if any health or behavioural issues arise. We are particularly concerned about wedges which, in some cases, are becoming too short, running the risk of physical problems.

We are determined to preserve the existing colours. Whilst we do not believe that it is always necessary to outcross to different breeds in order to extend the gene pool, we feel very strongly that it is important to outcross to improve health and size.

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