Reds, Creams and Torties

In 1963 Pussinboots True Pegu, escaped whilst on call. She was mated by a red tabby shorthair and the resultant litter contained a black-tortie kitten. Robine Pocock, Pegu’s breeder, decided to embark on a breeding programme in the hopes of producing new colours in the Burmese breed. The kitten, named Wavermouse Galapagos, was mated to Soondar Mooni, and from the mating another black-tortie kitten was kept, called Pussinboots Pagan’s Pride. She produced two red males who would be very important in the new breeding programme, Gogmagog Golden Guinea and Kipushi Tiki. To widen the gene pool two unrelated matings took place. Chevening Susy, a tortie and white female carrying the siamese gene was mated to Soondar Mooni to produce a red male, Chevening Meringue, and Arboreal Fenella, a brown female, was mated to Southview Havoc, a Redpoint Siamese, and produced two tortie females, Kudos Farrago and Kudos Fantasia. Kudos Blue Bonnetia, a daughter of Kudos Farrago, produced the first cream kitten when mated to Robine’s Buskins Blue Sunya. This kitten was Kudos Gold Guinea, so named because the coat on his tummy was spotted.

There was a problem with residual barring in the kittens from the early matings. Joyce Dell (Kupro Burmese) decided to mate her blue tortie female, Kupro Silken Sophina, to a blue male, Kathoodu Sapphire Kilvi, and realised that this mating was clearing the coats. By the end of the 1960s Joyce had produced a long line of bar-free cream kittens, the most famous being Gr Ch Kupro Cream Rama.