Choosing a Kitten

So you have decided to buy a pedigree cat, have researched the breeds available and have come to the conclusion that a Burmese is for you. So far so good, as there is no other breed quite like the Burmese for love, loyalty, personality and beauty. People rarely choose another breed once they have owned a Burmese.

You are strongly advised to contact reputable Burmese breeders who are members of recognised clubs, such as those on Our Breeders List, rather than relying on advertisements and hearsay.

As you will see, many breeders have their own websites which include pictures of their kittens. Having chosen a reputable breeder you may have to wait for kittens to be available but this is often the best approach.

Other useful sources of information are the GCCF Breeder Scheme and loveBurmese.

Burmese need company so if you work full time or are out for most of the day we suggest you consider having two kittens. They don’t both need to be Burmese although it is ideal if they are, and from the same litter.

Please Contact Us if you need advice.