Stud House

A stud house should be located in a sheltered position and have four components: the house itself, the queen’s quarters inside, the outside run and a safe access to ensure that you can get in without the cat getting out!

The stud house should be at least 6’ x 6’ x 6’ and the queen’s quarters at least 6’ x 2’ x 2’. Both cats should have their own sleeping area, litter tray and feeding station and be able to stretch out. The queen’s quarters need to be well ventilated and allow for sight and smell of the stud with good access that is easy to open and close securely.

The outside run should be a minimum of 6’ x 6’ x 6’ and contain shelves at different heights with a variety of viewpoints. Exercise and scratching facilities should be included.

There are many ways to provide secure access. A popular one is to add a 3’ x 3’ extension to the run providing double doors with a secure area between them.

The overriding impression of a stud’s quarters should be that of cleanliness, comfort and safety, giving a sense of good management by the stud owner. All surfaces should have an appropriate finish to allow for thorough cleaning and the stud house should be insulated, well ventilated and have good daylight. Electric heating should be provided to keep both the stud and his queens comfortable in all weathers. Many visiting queens are housecats and are used to warmth. Electric lighting needs to be sufficient to manage both cats during the hours of darkness. All wiring and sockets should be concealed, out of reach and protected from teeth and spray!