Getting Ready To Get Your New Kitten

You will need to make several provisions before bringing your kitten home.

Burmese like to be warm and although they will usually find their way to the top of a boiler or the airing cupboard they need their own bed too for security as well as comfort. There is a wide choice available at pet stores. Igloo beds are particularly suitable for kittens as they offer draught-free security.

A litter tray should be placed near to the kitten’s bed. Again there is a wide variety of styles available. There are also several different types of cat litter and it is sensible to keep to the type the kitten is used to – at least for the first few weeks.

Many breeders will give you a “goody bag” of food on collection, which will last for a few days. However it is as well to find out what food the kitten is used to and to have some at home as a change in diet can lead to stomach upsets.

When you collect your kitten take a secure carrying basket with a blanket inside. Baskets with an opening on top are easiest to use.  It is not safe for a kitten to be loose in a car.