When You Collect Your Kitten

When you collect your kitten you should be given and ensure that you understand: –

  • a GCCF registration certificate, which you should sign and then send to the GCCF so that the kitten can be transferred into your name as the new owner
  • a card showing which vaccinations have been given
  • a copy of the kitten’s pedigree
  • a diet sheet
  • advice on how to keep your kitten healthy

The GCCF recommends to all breeders that kittens should be at least 13 weeks old and vaccinated against Flu and Enteritis before going to their new homes. Some breeders also give their kittens Leukaemia and Chlamydia vaccinations but as the kitten will not be going out for several weeks this can wait until a later date.

Most importantly, try to avoid being ruled by your heart if, when you arrive, the kitten has runny eyes, sneezes or is the runt of the litter. Returning when the problem has cleared up or finding another kitten is preferable to risking having to deal with problems well into adulthood.