Our Inaugural Show

What a day, what a show and what a success! Our first championship show at Ardley with Fewcott near Bicester was everything a cat show should be – beautiful Burmese, select and appealing household pets, excellent organisation and management, and an accessible venue with warmth, food and friendship in abundance. Lynda Ashmore did a superb job as show manager attending to every detail even down to the drapes for the Best in Show pens, which she customised by painting our logo on them. She found time to speak to everyone and was rarely without a smile. Sally Rainbow-Ockwell oversaw the running of the day so confidently and cheerfully and without losing a single results slip or misplacing a rosette. Best of all though was that all too rare atmosphere created by people who share a common interest and gather together to greet old friends and welcome new ones. What made the show so special? Having our own breed show without external distractions, favourable weather, bacon rolls, some well-known names joining the club as well as showing, the blue kitten providing continuous background music, the judges who didn’t rush away but stayed to talk, the queue to buy raffle tickets and our Chairman, Maureen Smith, who generated such enthusiasm and inspired us all to make it the success it was. And, of course, everyone of the 67 cats

And the overall winner was …

Molynmeux Gold Dust pictured being held by Judge Mrs A M Heath with his owner Mrs S P Robinson holding the trophy.

The Press were there too … please click here to read the article in the Oxford Mail.

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Simon Twigge apologises most sincerely for missing the Lilac kitten class from his notes.

You can also watch a YouTube video … or a slideshow …