Our 2019 Show

Driving through the Cotswolds on a sunny Saturday morning to our fourth Championship Show in Wootton Bassett seemed pleasure enough but better was to come. A welcome from friends and exhibitors who filled the Memorial Hall was just the start of a pleasantly busy and enjoyable day. It was the fourth show our club has held and entries included an increased number of Burmese and Asians as well – a happy combination!

Wootton Bassett is a very pleasant and accessible market town. Its inhabitants have a lively interest in cats and supported us well leading to several enquiries about rehomes and kittens. The venue is all the better for the support of two very active local charities who contributed a lot to the buzz of the show – some of that might just have been due to the attraction of a couple of substantial money raffle prizes. Another advantage of the venue was having a large and airy separate eating area next to the judging hall so that exhibitors could keep an eye on what was going on and catch up on cat gossip.

This year we included an exhibition pen for Grand Premier Gowlaren Harry Potter, owned by the late Judy Potter, as a tribute to her support as our President and for all the valuable work she did as a well respected breeder, exhibitor and tireless welfare worker.

As usual, an energetic group of helpers worked at the table seemingly getting the result lists out quicker than ever. Linda Ashmore and Rosemary Fisher were ever present, efficient and cheerful in several capacities as well as their official roles as show managers, and the new catering team provided excellent food even including seasonal hot cross buns. Lots of help, cooperation, and the special companionship that belongs with people sharing a common interest, made the day very relaxed and satisfying.

And, of course, there were all of the beautiful cats, the real reason for the pleasure, the pride and the highlight of the day including the Best in Show winners judged by Mrs. M Chapman-Beer: –

Overall Best in Show Burmese and Best Burmese Adult
Owner: Miss M Garrod
Breeder: Mrs J Wilshaw

Best Burmese Kitten
Supurrnova Fernando (BUR b)
Owner: Mr & Mrs C Bone
Breeder: Mrs B Prowse

Best Burmese Neuter
UK IGrPr Rainbowsend Atticus (BUR c)
Owner: Miss S Quay-Clark
Breeders: Mrs S & Mr A Rainbow-Ockwell

Best Asian Adult
Covells Aunt Bessie (ASH c 25)
Owner & Breeder: Mrs T Covell-Palmer

Overall Best in Show Asian and Best Asian Neuter
Owner & Breeder: Lady S Bruce-Gardner

Best Pedigree Pet
Eric King Cantona (PPS ds 03 22)
Owner: Mr G Perring

Best Household Pet
IGMC Miss Mary (NPS f)
Owner: Mrs D Lewis