If You Find a Cat

This advice is based on work done by Catchat and is reproduced with their permission.

Here is a list of hints and tips on what you should do if you find a cat. Helping the cat to be reunited to the owner and taking care of the cats immediate needs such as food, water and shelter are of course the priority.

  • If the cat is hungry, please feed it and provide clean water
  • If it will let you approach, make a paper collar with a note saying: “If this is your cat please call …” so that you can find out whether the cat is definitely lost. Put the collar round the cat’s neck and secure the two ends with a small piece of tape. (Do not put tape right round the collar as that could be dangerous if it gets caught up.) If no one calls within 24 hours you can be fairly sure that the cat is lost
  • If you cannot take the cat into your home, make sure that there is somewhere dry and weatherproof outside for shelter. This can be as simple as a cardboard box covered with a bin liner, weighted down against the wind and perhaps tucked under a bush. Bedding can be a thick layer of straw but a jumper or a towel will do though these should be changed regularly as they retain moisture and can encourage mould
  • If you think that it is a pedigree cat, please contact the breed club. Most will be pleased to help you. If it’s a Burmese please get in touch with our Welfare Officer, who can provide practical advice and support
  • Give the cat’s description to your local vets, not just your own, in case the owner contacts them. Any UK Vet can help you to find them all
  • If possible, take the cat to your vet or local cat rescue center to check for a microchip and, if there is one, contact Petlog to report your find and check for any cats that have been lost in your area
  • Put the cat’s details into lost and found registers on Websites such as Catchat and Animal Search UK
  • Contact your local animal rescue groups in case the cat has been reported as lost
  • Check the lost and found notices in your local paper
  • Make a small poster saying ‘Cat Found’ with a description for display in local shops and public places. It’s sensible to hold back an important detail so that if someone contacts you saying the cat belongs to them you can check whether or not they are genuine
  • If the owner cannot be traced and you are not able to take the cat in yourself, please contact your local rescue centre so that it can be taken into care and found a good new home