Because Burmese kittens are very adventurous and inquisitive you need to be vigilant until they settle down. They will get into dishwashers, washing machines, up chimneys and out of windows. You need to be careful about unprotected cabling, loose strings and blind cords especially when kittens are teething.

Please note that many household disinfectants are poisonous to cats: Dettol, Jeyes Fluid, Lysol, TCP and Iodine are the most dangerous. Do not use disinfectants containing Phenol or Cresol. Disinfectants that do not contain these chemicals include: Trigene, Zoflora, Savlon and bleach, diluted according to instructions, of course. Be careful too with carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Several plants and flowers such as lilies and poinsettias are poisonous to cats. Some cats will try to nibble any plants you have around the house so you do need to be careful but you don’t have to hide them all away. Most cats eat grass and then usually bring it back up in a process which cleanses the stomach. If your kitten starts chewing plants try growing a pot of grass and encourage them to eat that.