If you would like to consider giving a good home to a Burmese, please contact the Association's Welfare Officer.

Alternatively, please Support Our Work by making a donation to the Burmese Cat Association Welfare Fund, a Charitable Trust approved by HM Customs and Revenue under reference XT35884.

Fozzy10 years old Male Neuter in London

Fozzy is a very active Brown Burmese Neuter who, unfortunately, has started spraying and, to make matters worse, has made the area where he lives his own and even goes into neighbours' houses to spray there!

His owner is very, very unhappy about having to rehome him because he is such a lovable, intelligent, typical Brown boy but things obviously have to change.  So he is currently in a cattery, which will stop him spraying, and he will stay there until he finds his new home.

He needs to be an only cat with no children, plenty of room to roam outside and with an owner who is at home most of the time. So if you think you could give this lovely lad a good home, please get in touch. 

12 years old Female Neuters in South Wales - Now Rehomed

Poppy, a Brown Tortie, and Charlie, a Lilac, need a new home.  When their original owner had to go into care, a relative took them on a trial basis and they settled well but, unfortunately, one of the family found that they do not like cats.

Poppy is quite vocal, a typical Tortie, and Charlie is very laid back. They need a home with no children or other animals and a nice, safe garden where they can sit in the sun.

So if you can give this pair the lasting home they need and a lap to curl up on please get in touch.

13 years old Cream Male Neuter in Manchester - Now Rehomed

Sye has a great character and is very much loved but, unfortunately, a family member has developed a bad allergy and he has to be rehomed.

He needs to be an only cat and an owner who is at home most of the time with no dogs and preferably no children.  Sye is very affectionate and likes to sit on a lap, a chest or anywhere he can get comfortable and also likes to go into the garden and do what all Burmese do, lie in the sun.

His Vaccinations are up to date.

So if you live in a rural area where it is safe for Sye to go out and would like to give him a new home, please get in touch.

4 years old Lilac Male Neuter in Kent - New Home Found

Mandu is a typical Burmese lad who goes out into the garden but likes nothing more than a lap to sit on and to have a cuddle.

He is a very much loved but his owners, unfortunately, have got to move into sheltered care due to ill health and, since Mandu would no longer be able to go out, they have very reluctantly come to the decision that it is in his best interests to be rehomed.

He has no vices and his vaccinations are up to date.

So, if you work from home or are at home most of the day and you have no busy roads near you so that Mandu can safely go out, then please do get in touch.


6 years old Bue Male Neuter in London - Now Rehomed

Zachy is used to having complete freedom and, unfortunately, is going to have to move to a second storey flat where he can’t go out.  His very loving owner realises that he won't be at all happy with this and so has very reluctantly decided that it's in his best interests to have a new home.

He is a typical Burmese: loud and demanding attention and affection when he wants it.  He has no vices but is quite territorial, is not used to other cats and not too keen on young children.

So if you can offer this lovely boy a home in a very safe, rural area which he can explore and where there is someone around most of the time, please get in touch. 

2 years old Lilac Female Neuters in Sussex - Now Rehomed

Polly and Pippin are beautiful, intelligent and sensitive Burmese sisters who have unfortunately fallen out with the other cats in their household and so need a new home.  They are currently spraying and to stop this they will be going into a cattery for two weeks before moving.

They currently live in a very rural area and will need a similar new home with no other animals or children and someone who is there for most of the time to give them the love they need.

Their vaccinations are right up to date.

5 years old Cream Male Neuter in Lancashire - Now Rehomed

Kit is a beautiful, very loving Burmese who just wants someone's lap to sit on.

He and his sister had lived happily together for 3 years but when he came home after dental treatment his sister took an instant dislike to him and they started to fight,  This has gone on for 18 months and his owner, who is very experienced with Burmese and has tried everyhting possible to stop the problem, has now taken the very, very difficult decision that it's best for Kit to be rehomed.

So if you think that your lap is right for Kit and you are at home most of the time and have no other animals, please get in touch.

5 years old Brown Female Neuter in Cheshire - Now Rehomed

Coco is very much loved by her present owner but is not happy and needs a new home.  There are several other cats and kittens in the house and she does not like to be with them and has started to be naughty.

She needs a very rural home with plenty of fields and open spaces where she can go.  Coco also needs to be the only animal, for there to be no children and to have a new owner who is at home most of the time so that she can be a lap cat when she wants.

Coco is very loving with humans, is up to date with her vaccinations, is wormed and treated for fleas.


8 years old Lilac and 6 years old Chocolate Male Neuters in London - Now Rehomed

Zissou and Django have become more and more stressed as their family has grown, the last baby is not yet 6 months, and they are starting to be a little naughty. The owners have had these much loved boys since they were kittens so are desperately sad about the situation but feel that they will be much happier in a home with no children and no other pets.

They need someone who is at home a lot of the day and somewhere where they can go out safely so if you think that you are the right person in the right place, please get in touch.

Burmese Rescue - Now Rehomed
Over recent months we’ve been actively involved in the rescue of several Burmese, mainly females aged 6 and above.

They are now fully restored to health and, where necessary, have been neutered so will shortly be ready to move to their new homes, mainly in pairs but some individually, too.

So if you may be able to help and would like to hear more, please get in touch.

3 years old Red Male Neuter in Bedfordshire - Now Rehomed
Oscar is very handsome and affectionate but is becoming a bully to the other cats in his household and needs a new, loving, rural home on his own.

His vaccinations are up to date but he has a slight heart murmur which seems only to appear when at the vets and doesn’t stop him charging around inside and outside the house 

So if you think Oscar would fit into your household, please get in touch.

2 years old Chocolate Male Neuter in Devon - Now Rehomed
Otto Is a lovely, normal, 2 years old Burmese who wants to spread his wing and needs somewhere safe to learn about the outside world.

He is really loved by his owners but they have a very busy road running by the side of their house and so he cannot go out and, in his frustration, has started to be a bit of a bully to his younger companion.

So, if you live in a rural location, are at home most of the time, have no other animals and have lots of love and a lap for him, please get in touch.



9 years old Blue and Chocolate Male Neuters in Cornwall - Now Rehomed

Yoda, a 9 years old Blue Male Neuter, and Coco, a 9 years old Chocolate Male Neuter, need a new home together.  They had to spend quite a long time in a cattery whilst their owners moved from a very rural area to a town and when the family were all back togther the boys found that they had very limited access to the outside world and started spraying.

As soon as the right new home comes along, they will go into a cattery for two weeks, which will break their bad habit.  From there, they will go straight to their new home, where they must be able to go outside, of course, and which needs to be quiet with someone home most of the day.

Their vaccinations are up to date, they are both fit and well and are typical Burmese, needing lots of love and happy to sit on your lap all day.

8 years old Chocolate Female Neuter near Brighton - Now Rehomed

Ripley is a beautiful, 8 years old Chocolate Female Neuter who has become a recluse because she is being attacked by her daughter and bullied by other cats in the household.  She used to enjoy going out into the garden but this has very sadly stopped since the problems began. 

So, most reluctantly, her owner has decided that it is in her best interests if she moves to a nice quiet home where there are people most of the time but no other animals. 

 She is very healthy and her vaccinations are up to date.

2 years old Lilac Male Neuter in Hertfordshire - Now Rehomed
Archie is only two and, through no fault of his own, this will be his third home!  He's a typical, young, very lively Burmese who was rehomed by a cat rescue to a really nice, caring lady with serious health issues who had never had a cat before and desperately wanted one to sit on her lap all day.  To her great regret, she now realises that she simply cannot cope with Archie, especially his mad half hours.
It's obvious that Archie's next move must be permanent.  Ideally to a home where someone is around for most of the day and there is a safe, outdoor area as he has been an indoor cat and will be a lot different when he is eventually given some freedom.
Archie is very well and his vaccinations are right up to date.

11 years old Chocolate Female Neuter and 6 years old Brown Male Neuter - Now Rehomed

Bron, an 11 years old Chocolate Female Neuter, and Murray, a 6 years old Brown Male Neuter, need a new home together as their owner has had to go into a care home and can’t take them with her.

They live in the Bristol area and are indoor cats though the gentleman looking after them says that they give the outdoors longing looks. They love bedtime (inside I believe), are very happy cats with no vices and their vaccinations are up to date.

7 years old Lilac Male Neuter Mr Darcy - Now Rehomed

Mr Darcy is currently in a cattery to break the habit of spraying, which started when he became unhappy with the other cats and a dog in the household.  (This is the normal approach to a relatively common problem with Burmese and if you read the next item about Theo, you will be pleased to know that it has completely solved the problem.)


In a few weeks, Mr Darcy will be ready to go directly to his new home, where he will be the only cat, where someone will be around for most of the day and where he can resume his life as a sweet, playful boy who loves finding a lap to sit on or sunbathing in the garden.


5 years old Lilac Male Neuter Theo - Now Rehomed 

Theo is a beautiful boy who loves cuddles and going out but has become very unhappy following the arrival of two babies and has started spraying.  One of the children was premature and so Theo was inevitably left on his own for quite long periods and when the family were reunited the spraying gradually increased and his owners now have no choice but to find him a nice new home.

 As many of you who have had Burmese before will have heard, this is not an unusual turn of events.  The solution is a few weeks in a good catery, which is where Theo is now, and that nearly always breaks the habit.  When he is ready to leave, Theo needs to go directly to his new home where someone is around most of the day and he can have the Iove he needs, he can go out and, of course, there are no babies!

His vaccinations are up to date and he is very well.


10 years old Bown Male Neuter Hobbes - Now Rehomed 

Hobbes needs a new home because his owners are emigrating to Canada and, unfortunately, they can’t take him with them.

He is a typical Brown, healthy lad but needs to be the only cat.  He loves to be with people and especially likes to go out in the garden with his owners.  He is very affectionate and very bright - having taught himself to use a human loo!

His vaccinations are right up to date.




10 years old Red Male Neuter Milo - Now Rehomed

Milo is very loving, very healthy and his vaccinations are up to date.  He urgently needs a new home where there are no other animals, plenty of room, a big garden and a lap to sit on as his owner has moved to an area where he cannot go out.








8 years old Lilac Male Neuter Pablo - Now Rehomed

This young man is currently an indoor cat but may well like to go out.  He needs to be the only cat and for someone to be at his new home for most of the time.  The current owner very much regrets having to rehome Pablo but has developed an allergy which leaves no alternative.




10 years old Chocolate Tonkinese Cokie - Now Rehomed


This young lady needs a new home with someone who is there most of the time as she loves a lap to sit on but she also likes to go out.  Unfortunately, the current owner hasn't got enough time to give her the love she needs and she is becoming unhappy.

She doesn't get on with dogs and she has always been an only cat so she will have to be the only pet in the household.


3 year old Brown Tortie Female Neuter Mya - Now Rehomed


This lovely young lady needs a country home where she can go out safely.

Mya has a sweet temperament and wants a lap to sit on so would suit someone who is home most of the time and she needs to be an only cat as she is not getting on with the other cats in the household.


6 years old Blue Male Neuter Godfrey - Now Rehomed


Godfrey needs a new home as he is unhappy in his present one.  He needs to go out and his new owner needs to be at home most of the time.  He has no vices and is a normal, lovable Burmese cat.






4 years old Red Male Neuter Tom - Now Rehomed


Tom was a very unhappy boy trying to live with too many other cats but is now in a temporary home and very much happier.  The lady who is looking after him says that he’s a big cuddly lad who just needs lots of love.

He is an indoor cat and ideally needs to have someone at home most of the time, perhaps someone who has retired or works from home.   He also needs to be an only cat with no other animals.


8 years old Chocolate Female Neuters Daisy and Charlie - Now Rehomed


Daisy and Charlie are indoor cats, used to being together and having people at home and the owners would like that to continue. Very healthy, extremely affectionate, lovely, vocal cats with up to date vaccinations.